All About Shalom Sesame

What happens when you combine the lovable Sesame Street Muppets with a visit to Israel to learn more about Jewish culture and the Hebrew language? You get Shalom Sesame! Created by Sesame Workshop over 25 years ago, the first edition of Shalom Sesame became the most popular Jewish video series ever. Twelve new episodes were released in 2010, and along with the program’s strong web presence, the multimedia content has already been enjoyed by millions of families across the United States.

The DVD Series

The new program features a journey of Jewish discovery. Children get a "Grover's eye-view" of Israel, learn Hebrew words, delight at animated stories from the Jewish tradition and laugh at the antics of the Muppets as they learn more about Jewish culture.

But Shalom Sesame extends far beyond the small screen. Designed for families to explore together, offers a wide range of educationally rich content – free games, videos, activities and printables. The site focuses on the Jewish holiday cycle, Jewish values, Shabbat, Israel and Hebrew language. With additional material for educators, is a resource for parents, as well as those looking for a regular way to integrate Shalom Sesame into their home or school.

Shalom Sesame in the Community

Shalom Sesame also creates and fosters community, online and on the ground. Jewish organizations and educators are working together to bring Shalom Sesame to families everywhere -- from Facebook, to Pinterest, to YouTube, and even to your community centers and synagogues! 

Shalom Sesame for You

Being mindful of the ever-evolving media landscape and its increasingly important role in the world of Jewish Education, the Shalom Sesame multimedia approach serves as an "on-ramp" for young children, a flexible engagement tool for parents and educators alike. In fact, in research on the impact on Shalom Sesame, 9 out of 10 parents rated Shalom Sesame "good" or "great," reporting many incidents where children's connection to the Sesame Street characters acted as a successful springboard for family conversations on Jewish holidays, culture, and values. [1]  Research concludes that the Shalom Sesame multimedia programming succeeds as both an effective catalyst and tool in early childhood Jewish education.

Our Awards

The Shalom Sesame content has been continuously recognized for its high-quality programming.  To date, the new Shalom Sesame has garnered five awards -- 2 Cine Awards and 2 HUGO awards for the DVDs, as well as the coveted Parents Choice Award for the project’s website, 

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[1] Fisch, S. M., & Siegal, D. R. (2011). Shalom Sesame family survey: Use and value for Jewish families in the United States. Unpublished manuscript.