• Grover goes to Israel! Join your favorite blue monster and his new pal, Anneliese van der Pol, as they explore Rechov Sumsum, Israel's Sesame Street, and learn about a new country. It's an adventure they'll never forget — full of fun, friends and flying falafel! Grover and familiar faces from Sesame Street — including Big Bird, Snuffy, Ernie and Bert, the Count and Zoe — learn about new foods, new places and new cultures while exploring themes of travel, diversity and friendship. With guest star Christina Applegate.

    Welcome to Israel

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  • Join Grover as he learns lots of new words in Hebrew and is welcomed by the Rechov Sumsum family. Come along and sing the Aleph-Bet song and find out what Grover's favorite Hebrew word is. Explore the sounds and origin of the Hebrew language, while trying out some new words and phrases. Join Sesame Street friends including Zoe, Elmo, and the Count and follow Grover as he explores the beautiful city of Tel Aviv. With guest star Debra Messing.

    Grover Learns Hebrew

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  • It's Rosh Hashanah, and Avigail discovers that honey is sweet and very, very sticky! Grover, Avigail and Brosh learn a valuable lesson in friendship and forgiveness, just in time to start the New Year right! Join Grover and familiar faces from Sesame Street in exploring the meaning of Rosh Hashanah, and learn about the symbols and celebrations of this special time of year. With guest star Ann Curry.

    The Sticky Shofar

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  • Avigail and Brosh's plans to welcome their guests come crashing down with their sukkah. Oh no! How can they rebuild it in time for Sukkot? With a little help from their friends, of course! Come along with Avigail, Brosh, Grover, the Count and other friends from Sesame Street — visit an etrog farm, stop by a kibbutz, learn about the story of Abraham and celebrate Simchat Torah at the end of Sukkot!

    Monsters in the Sukkah

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  • It's time to celebrate Chanukah in Israel! Grover is bringing the latkes, and all is well until Anneliese gets caught in a game of tag with a chicken and loses her special menorah… right before sunset! Can her friends find the missing menorah in time? Explore holiday foods, stories and traditions with familiar faces from Sesame Street including Grover, Telly and the Count. Learn to count in Hebrew, see how olive oil is made, and spin the dreidel with Baby Bear and his family in this new holiday special. With guest star Debi Mazar.

    Chanukah: The Missing Menorah

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  • Grover can't seem to figure out why everyone is so busy just getting ready for a day of rest. Join Grover as he learns all about Shabbat, and sing along to Avigail's favorite Shabbat song, "Bim Bam"! Join Big Bird, Elmo and the Count from Sesame Street as Shabbat approaches. Explore the sights, sounds and smells of the shuk, see how challah is made and spend Friday afternoon in an Israeli kindergarten classroom. With guest star Cedric the Entertainer.

    Shabbat Shalom, Grover!

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  • Everyone's dressing up for Purim, so get out your groggers (noisemakers) and join the fun! Avigail is inspired by the story of Esther. Moishe Oofnik is his usual grouchy self… but who is that mysterious masked singer at the Purim Shpiel? See how hamantaschen are made and pick out a costume for the Purim parade as we learn all about this holiday. With guest stars Jack Black, Eva Longoria and Natalie Portman.

    Be Happy, It's Purim!

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  • It's Tu Bishvat! Grover, Brosh and Avigail get back to nature as they learn how to plant trees and make the world a better place. Take care of the environment with familiar faces from Sesame Street, including Ernie and the Count. Grow a beautiful garden, visit a "green" school in Israel and explore the many dried fruits at an Israeli market. With guest stars Greg Kinnear and Debra Messing.

    Grover Plants a Tree

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  • It's almost time to celebrate Passover, and there is no horseradish to be found. Grover, Anneliese and Avigail put their heads together to track it down, but things get tricky when Moishe Oofnik's involved! Explore holiday foods, traditions, celebrations and the story of Passover with friends from Sesame Street including Grover, Elmo and the Count. With guest star Jake Gyllenhaal.

    It's Passover, Grover

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  • It's Shavuot! Avigail and Brosh want to stay up all night just like the grown-ups. Will they be able to do it? They will certainly try with a little help from a dancing cow! Take a trip to the Israeli desert, see how a mezuzah is crafted, and learn the story of Moses at Mt. Sinai along with familiar Sesame Street friends. With guest star Ben Stiller.

    Countdown to Shavuot

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  • When a storm makes a mess of the neighborhood, everyone lends a helping hand. In the meantime, Grover is invited to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Come along with Matisyahu and Oofnik as they beatbox the "Hava Nagila". Join familiar Sesame Street friends in learning about mitzvot and the many ways in which people can work together and treat one another with kindness. With guest star Matisyahu.

    Mitzvah on the Street

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  • Anneliese's adventures in Israel are almost over, but there are still so many sights to see before she goes. Meanwhile, Grover explores Israel his own unique way. Join Sesame Street favorites Bert, Ernie and the Count and uncover Israel's treasures on an archaeological dig, visit the city of Haifa and sing "Rubber Duckie" in Hebrew! With guest star Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Adventures in Israel

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